Monday, 23 November 2015

Ballerina Pencil Bag ~ 笔袋

As promised, I sewed a pencil bag using the ballerina fabric for a friend. This is a gift from a mother to her daughter who will be going to primary one next year. Such a lovely mother. :)

Hope the pencil bag will accompany the little girl throughout her learning journey and wishing her a wonderful learning journey ahead.

Ballerina pencil bag
You can carry it with the little handle attached
Ample space for stationary
Best learning companion
Truly handmade

Monday, 16 November 2015

Fabric Book Jacket ~ 布书衣



附有笔插, 方便做笔记

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Baking for School Fundraising Drive ~ 为学校筹款

My girl's school was having a fundraising drive to raise funds for further enhancement of the school infrastructure. Standard 4 to 6 students were given the opportunities to participate in such event. 

After much discussion, my girl decided that we make muffin to support the event. It's coffee walnut muffin. I think it's a really meaningful task for the students. They don't only help contribute to the school as a student, through the event they also learn how to plan and design their "stall". The best part, I think, is gaining the experience of promoting and selling a product.

My girl was so excited that she couldn't sleep the night before!

Ready for fundraising drive
Paper doilies are great for decoration
Cute poster prepared by my girl

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Purple Ballerina Bag ~ 甜美的紫色包包

Using the same fabric as the ballerina handmade book I made a tote. I just couldn't get enough of this fabric haha..Oh ya, and I have to keep some of this fabric to make a pencil box later. A friend wants a pencil box for her little angel. :)

I'm finally back at my workstation making and sewing stuff after the long 'sick leave'. I'm so excited and looking forward to making more beautiful and meaningful projects. 

Wishing you all have a wonderful day and may you find happiness in little things in life.

Lilac ballerina tote
Flap cover
Adorable ballerina
Cotton handle
Fasten with magnetic button

Monday, 26 October 2015

Ballerina Handmade Book ~ 紫色芭蕾舞女孩手缝书

The work of this project can finally be resumed after quite a long while. 

A friend has requested for four handmade books with ballerina theme. It's a gift for her daughter's best friends in school. These girls will be going to different schools after the end of this school year. So this mother is hoping to give each of the girls a gift as they have been such a great companion to her daughter all these years. Such a lovely thought!

I have this lovely ballerina fabric which a friend help me to buy in the US and it's just perfect for this project. Love the sweet lilac and I think the girls would like it too.

Ballerina theme handmade book
Ballerina charms as bookmark
Fasten with flower button ribbon
Personalized gift will always touch one's heart
Coptic stitch binding
For four sweet lucky girls
Metal book corner will better protect the book cover
Sweet lilac handmade book
Handmade with love
Flower button

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Multipurpose Fabric Coasters 家居杂货~万用布垫

Am starting slow after appendix surgery. It has been a month since the surgery. Recuperation is rather slow, the body is weak post surgery. I am trying my best to get back into my regular routine as soon as possible. I told my body no point for the pain anymore, the wound will be healed eventually and thankful for the healthy new tissues that regenerate after the surgery.

I feel much better this week. Made a few fabric coasters for the house. Have been wanting to make them but it always being adjourned for other projects just because it is simple to make and so I thought I can make it anytime. We always make time for bigger things in life, and forget the little things. And thought we can easily fit it into our busy schedule with no sweat. But that time never come. Have you been adjourning the little things in life? May be it's time to make time for it. Live now, live in the moment. 

Made six fabric coasters
Navy blue series
Light brown series

Can be used to place hot pot of tea
Or use it to put sauce dishes
It goes well with plant too

Definitely handy for hot pot of soup

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Lesson ~ 领悟



医生诊断是急性盲肠炎。要马上入院动手术。在等待手术期间,我都不断的运用呼吸法减轻疼痛。完全没有用止痛药。医院的护士小姐还非常的关心问我确定不要打止痛药吗? :)



P/s: 有兴趣知道呼吸法的朋友看这里 ~ 8拍吸气,把肚子吸的满满,16拍慢慢用口吐气,越慢越好。

DIY 小钮扣花朵