Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Happy Hat ~ 喜悦之帽


朋友帮这顶帽子取名为"Happy Hat", 应该是戴上它就可以带来快乐吧。哈哈。我也就把我这作品称之为喜悦之帽吧!

如何让小小的东西为别人带来大大的快乐, 是我小小的心愿, 也是制作的初衷。:)



Clasp Frame Bag ~ 斜挂手提两用口金包

Have been wanting to try making a clasp frame bag but couldn't find the pattern I like. The metal clasp frame that can be found at the local shop here are mainly the sew-in type. During my recent trip to Tokyo, I found the glue-in type metal clasp frame which I think would be easier to work with. 

So here it is, I'm finally making a clasp frame bag using the metal clasp frame and fabric both bought from Nippori fabric town in Tokyo. The glue-in type make a neater finish on the bag. And it's definitely a lot easier and faster than the sew-in type. For glue-in type, you just need to apply glue at the trough of the frame then place the constructed bag and the piece of thread that comes together with the frame.

I quite like the clasp frame bag, it makes a good dinner bag or sling bag. Too bad I only bought one piece from Tokyo. How I wish we have a craft shop just like in Tokyo where they sell all sorts of accessories and material for sewing and craft making. That would be heaven to me. Hahaha.

Metal clasp frame bag

Can be a nice sling bag too
Wide opening, allows you to find what you need in the bag easily

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

London Landmark Prints Tote ~ 伦敦风托特包






School Carrier Bag ~ 上学必备手提袋


近来,丹宁布料不好找。还好想起大型的Spotlight 应该会有。顺利在那里买到了要用的布料。那里的货物价钱较高档,但是手作用品应有尽有,其他地方找不到的手作材料去那里找就对了。




Monday, 9 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 ~ 新年快乐

Happy new year! 

This is the first project for year 2017. I made a nightdress for my daughter and a pair of pyjamas pants for my boy using cotton flannel. 

I have these fabrics for sometimes and finally had the chance to use it to make something for my children. When I bought the fabric, I didn't have any idea what I will do with it so only bought one meter. One meter is not enough to make a full set pyjamas, only enough to make a pair of pyjamas pants. As for the nightdress, luckily I have two meters of the fabric, else the length won't be enough. Yet, I still need to cut from the width to add to the length of the nightdress. My daughter has grown up so much in height over one year. 

My boy is asking how about the pyjamas shirt. Haha, have to go look for matching fabric for it. 

Girl nightdress

Pyjamas pants

Handmade Book ~ 手缝笔记本

Opps,forgot to share the last batch of book binding project for 2016. Managed to make seven pieces of handmade books in December 2016. I just love the beautiful fabric of the cover. Each has its own charm. Just like each and everyone, unique in their own way. Everyone has a different beauty and different qualities. Hence, no comparison is possible. 

I was often asked which one, among the projects that have done, that I like best. Well, I love them all. Even though they are not perfect, they are the only piece. :) 

Handmade book making in the process

Handmade book done

Friday, 30 December 2016

Fabric Book Cover ~ 书衣