Friday, 28 November 2014

Baby Bag for New Mummy 妈咪出门的好帮手

Met my friends from my previous workplace some time ago. One friend asked if I could help her with baby gift ideas. She thought of a baby bag. Well, yes sure I had just recently made one for a friend. To save the trouble she asked to just follow the same pattern as the previous one I made and to add a detachable sling handle.

It's a gift for my friend's colleague who has just recently become a mother. The new mother adores cat. That would explain her pick of the fabric :) She is also hoping for a turquoise shade bag. Luckily, I managed to get a few beautiful matching fabrics to go with the cat fabric.

The actual colour of the bag is really vibrant. But the picture didn't turn out so well. It's time to enhance my photography skills or upgrade my camera haha..

Baby bag with detachable sling handle
A tote + an organizer bag
The new mother adores cat
Compartments inside the organizer bag
D ring for the detachable sling handle
My friend requested for the initial of the new mother to be sewn on the bag
Metal zipper closure
PU leather as the base of the bag ~ dirt & water resistance :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Sling Bag for My Mother 母亲的佛堂专用包

母亲说去佛堂拿手提袋很不方便。可是不拿手提袋,东西放在口袋里又不舒服。我缝制了一个斜背包给她, 不大也不小, 可以装放一副眼镜, 钥匙, 手提电话和水瓶。还好母亲很满意。



Thursday, 30 October 2014

Drawstring Shoes Bag 鞋袋

My sewing project was put on hold for some time. If you read my previous post, you would probably know why. Anyhow, thankfully, hubby is now back to his normal self and has fully recovered.

These shoes bags were long overdue. I finally managed to finish it and sent over to the ballet centre. I managed to utilise the remaining fabric (from the previous project) to make 10 pieces with four different colour combination this time around. I really love this ballerina fabric and now it's all being used. Mixed feelings. Sometimes, I will be a bit reluctant to use a certain fabric just because it's too beautiful to be cut into pieces. But there are also another part in me asking me to use it else the fabric will be just sitting my storage box and it's a pity. I guess it's something that I have to learn to overcome.

These drawstring bags can be used for many purpose, not only to keep shoes :)  I like things that are multifunctional so I hope to make things that are not only beautiful but practical at the same time. Hope the girls at the ballet centre will find these bags useful.

Sweet pink
Elegant purple
Charming blue
Refreshing green
Four beautiful colours, each has its own character
Good for keeping shoes
Can be used to put spare clothing too

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Birthday Gift for My Favourite Sister In Law - 幸福包包

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. The past two weeks has been very tough for my family. Hubby had high fever and was admitted to the hospital on the 4th day. He was diagnosed with dengue fever. His blood platelets count dropped on the 5th day to 58,000 microliter. We all know there is no specific treatment for dengue infection. He was put on drips and was given fever medicine and some vitamins. Doctor said it would depends on hubby's body immune system to fight the virus off. 

I have heard of a few alternative therapies for dengue fever before this. But the most well-known alternative treatment for dengue I think, is the papaya leaf juice. It was even published in the local newspaper on how to prepare it. I was determined to find papaya tree. I have asked my brother and friends to help find the plant. Luckily, we managed to find it around our neighborhood. They are always around us just that we have never take noticed of them! Two pieces of large size leaves only gave about 3 tablespoons of juice. Those who wish to find out more about papaya leaf juice can read about it at the link here. 

Thankfully, hubby's blood platelets count improved on the 8th day and doctor allowed him to rest at home. Though his condition is stable now but he is still fatigue and is not fit to go back to work yet. 

That's the story about what happened recently. Before hubby fell ill, I made a bag for my sister in law for her birthday. She adores cats and always carry lots of stationery with her. So I made her a cat theme large size tote bag :). We share a lot of same interests and both are crazy about vintage junk. I'm so blessed to have such a sister in law who always lend an ear whenever I need to talk. These photos were taken by her at her lovely house. Happy birthday HL!

Cat theme tote bag
Large rooms inside the bag to keep books & stationery
Her favourite stationery
I'm glad the owner of this bag is very happy with it

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Simple Yet Charming Handmade Bag 简单优雅的手作包包

这个包包是好朋友订制的。 要送给她的老朋友。我在之前也用了这款布料制作了手缝书的封面。真的好喜欢这款布。100% 棉布,图样的颜色鲜明,是朋友帮我从美国买回来的。好朋友的眼光果然也和我一样,选了这款布料订制包包,哈哈!

100% 手作品

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Handmande Gift 手作礼物



这一次,制作了六本手缝书。五本A5尺寸和一本A6尺寸。每一本书都独一无二,封面的布料是好朋友精心为她的朋友挑选的。每一本书也个别缝上了名字。希望好朋友会满意我的制作, 更期待收礼物时,礼物主人的笑容。

喜欢Hello Kitty 的Joyce
Hello Kitty 书的背面
喜欢Snoopy 的Jane

Thursday, 18 September 2014

For An Old Friend - Hand Stitch Book 与老朋友见面的礼物-手作书

上个星期和一位远道而来的老朋友见面。老朋友现在和家人定居于另一个国度, 在那里生活了好些年。虽然,我们并不常见面,只是偶尔在面子书上知道对方的近况,见面时那熟悉感还在。还是可以像学生时代那样的谈天说地。很温馨。


这些照片是在去和老朋友会合的路途中拍的。 在地铁上, 我坐的位子光线刚刚好。