Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding 古老式手缝书

I have learned Kettle stitch and French stitch bookbinding techniques. Both stitches are beautiful. This time I'm learning another bookbinding technique, Coptic binding, a very old bookbinding technique which was used from as early as 2nd century AD by the early Christians in ancient Egypt. The stitches look like connected chain. Hence, some called it Chain stitch binding. 

The original method of Coptic stitch binds all the signatures and the book cover together with a connected stitch. Hence, Coptic binding can hold the signatures and the cover together tightly compare to Kettle stitch and French stitch binding which only bind the signatures together but not the cover. 

At the recent bookbinding workshop that I attended, I learned two methods of Coptic stitch binding; one is the original method, the other one is the modified method which only binds the signatures together but not the cover. I find the modified method is more convenient to prepare as I can bind the signatures first and then decide on the design of the book cover later on.

Original method of Coptic binding
Binding all signatures and book cover together with a connected stitch

Modified Coptic binding method
Beautiful Coptic stitch

Monday, 14 April 2014

Apple Farm 苹果园

I haven't been doing clay craft for a long while. Afraid that my resin clay stock might turn dry and harden (since I have bought them some time ago), I took them out to make decoration for a photo frame. Sad to find out that a few blocks of my clay stock have dried up a little bit. It makes molding rather difficult when the clay is dry. I have to soften it by adding some mineral oil and knead it for a few times. 

After an afternoon of hard work, here is my latest piece of clay craft ~ Apple Farm. I used checked fabric from my stash to make the hair scarf and apron for the young lady. The rest of the piece are made using resin clay.

When I finished the piece, I felt like having an apple for tea. Haha..

Have a great day and do have an apple, which might keep the doctor away :)

Young lady with a bucket of apples
A wooden cart filled with apples
Apple farm
Young lady with apples from a different angle
I just love the smile on her face

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Strawberries Skirt 草莓裙子

After the success of my first pair of summer pants for my boy. I tried making a skirt for my girl. Well, I thought sewing a skirt should be much easier than a pair of pants. Well, I was not entirely right.

Following the same steps for making the summer pants, I took my girl's existing skirt, traced and cut out the fabric. Big mistake! I forgot to make extra measurement for the skirt to flare. Too tight at the hip. So I removed the stitches and patched it with extra fabric. I also patched it with a different fabric to add a new dimension to the skirt.
Thank goodness that the skirt out turned out fine after the "restoration". 

I am so happy that I have learned another skill, to make a skirt. Looking forward to making more skirts!

Strawberries skirt
A little velvet ribbon to add style
Strawberries prints with tiny polka dot
Yey, a new skirt!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Romantic Purple 浪漫又神秘的紫色




Matching tote bag and cosmetic pouch
Romantic purple
Little pockets attached at left & right side of the bag
Back view of the bag
Lined with checked light purple fabric
Matching cosmetic pouch
Back view of the cosmetic pouch
A peek inside the cosmetic pouch

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Summer Shorts 夏日裤

I love shopping for fabric. But most of the time I don't what I want to do with the piece of fabric when I bought it. Well, I know I will use it to make something one day haha..

For all the fabric that I have in my collection, those boyish print fabric are the one I hardly touch. Well, I simply have no idea what to make for boy. Unlike for girl, I can sew bags or make hair accessories but I don't know what to sew for boy. I have yet to master the skill of clothes making. I've bought books on clothes sewing, but it's too complicated to follow or rather I need someone to enlighten me on that skill. Recently, I stumbled upon a website, I found a tutorial on making kids shorts. I must say that the tutorial is very easy to follow. I was so excited after reading it. It gives me some confident to start sewing. So, the next day I dug out the boyish fabric in my collection and started making the shorts. Apart from the elastic band which was cut a bit too long, I'm pretty pleased with the overall result. 

For those who are interested to make this easy summer shorts, here is the link to the website: vixen Made.

Road sign cotton prints summer shorts

First attempt to sew a summer shorts
My boy is cooperative enough to pose for me :)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sweet Pink 甜美的粉色

I'm making another bag for the ballet centre. Again the theme is pink. Cannot go wrong with pink with those little girls. :) 

The pattern of this bag is slightly different from those I have sewn earlier. It's rather squarish and hence it's roomy to carry more stuff. It also allows you to see everything you need in the bag when open up. Suitable for ballerina that carries lots of little accessories to her lesson :)  

I love roomy bag because I usually carry lots stuff in my bag haha. I hope the girls at the ballet centre will like it too. 

Sweet roomy bag
Large pocket attached in front of the bag
Back view of the bag
Pink checked fabric is used as the lining of the bag
There are also little pockets at each side of the bag

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cotton Flannel Capelet 绒布披肩

女儿在芭蕾舞课的一个小朋友在日本旅行时,买了一件绒布披肩。是一件很好看的披肩。女儿和她的朋友们个个都很喜欢那一件披肩。女儿问我是否可以帮她缝制一件那样的披肩。我说我可以试试看。我想应该不会太复杂吧。刚好,之前委托美国的朋友帮我买回来的布料里有一片是绒布, 正好可以派上用场。

The Cottage Mama 网站搜寻到制作披肩的教程,Cape Pattern and Tutorial. 这个教程清楚又简单,对新手来说也不是问题。由於我用的是绒布,所以在制作方面做了些更改。


Blanket stitch