Monday, 14 November 2016

Little Carrier Bag ~ 小提袋

This lovely mother has requested for a carrier bag for her daughter. This little carrier bag is for her daughter to put her school exercise books. Oh yes, school children nowadays have very big school bags. First, the text book are quite thick, then there are activity books, exercise books, stationery and some even are required to bring dictionary to school. I have seen some children use trolley luggage bags as their school bags!

Hope this little carrier bag with lots of smiling faces would brighten and lighten the little girl's day at school. 

Smiling faces carrier bag

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Cotton Handkerchief ~ 棉布手帕







Monday, 24 October 2016

Simple Tote ~ 托特包


这三个包包,我做得比较大。方便带去购物 ,可以放好多东西。如果忘了带环保袋出门,就可以直接把东西放进包包里。不必左右手都挂满购物袋。呵呵。

其实,在市面上可以找到各式各样的包包。有比较经济的也有比较高档的。还有就是有名气有牌子的。 每个人对选择包包的要求也不一样。有的人讲究牌子,另有些人要求实用。没有绝对的法则,都是依个人喜好。这都很好。最重要的是清楚知道自己的喜好,而不是盲目的跟从潮流时尚。忘了用心去选择,忘了心的感动。


经典的 Raggedy Ann & Andy

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Simple Backpack ~ 简易背包

I have been wanting to make a backpack for myself but as usual always can't seems to find the time to do it. 

The opportunity has finally come. My nephew's school was running a fund raising event and I promised my sister in law that I would love to contribute to the event. It's time to make backpacks. Not too fancy and complicated one. This backpack design is adopted from a Japanese craft magazine with some modifications.

As the usual me, putting things off till the last minute, I've only managed to make four pieces. One for myself and three for the fund raising event. I love all of them. Each has its own charm. I sold two of these backpacks at the fund raising event and I'm glad. Hope to be able to contribute more next time. 

Striped style
Back view

Paris famous landmark

Back view

Denim style
Back view
Three lovely backpacks

Sewed this for myself

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Strawberry Drawstring Backpack ~ 草莓束口背包袋

A friend shared with me a tutorial on how to make a pineapple drawstring backpack. That was awesome. Those who are interested may check out the webpage 

Got the inspiration from the tutorial, I'm making a drawstring backpack, not pineapple but strawberry :) Simply because I like strawberry better. So here it is - strawberry drawstring backpack.

I just love the vibrant colour of red and green
Perfect for outing
Strawberry drawstring backpack
The cute little girl is taking the strawberry backpack to her adventure. I'm so pleased :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Handmade Journal ~ 手缝笔记本



Alice in the Wonderland


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Zipper Pouch ~ 化妆包/小钱包

Made three cute zipper pouch. It can be used as a cosmetic pouch as well as a pouch wallet. Every piece is unique and definitely made with lots of love and care. Hope they will meet their new owner soon.

Zipper pouch
Little red riding hood theme
Cute boys and girls

Sweet macarons

Handmade by Lin Craft House