Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Zipper Pouch ~ 化妆包/小钱包

Made three cute zipper pouch. It can be used as a cosmetic pouch as well as a pouch wallet. Every piece is unique and definitely made with lots of love and care. Hope they will meet their new owner soon.

Zipper pouch
Little red riding hood theme
Cute boys and girls

Sweet macarons

Handmade by Lin Craft House

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fabric Roll-up Stationery Case ~ 文具收纳袋

Recently made a gift for a friend who is passionate about Zentangle art. She used to carry her Zentangle art tools in a zipper bag. Upon seeing that I thought I could made her an organizer or case to help organize her tools. And this would be perfect as a birthday gift for her.

I think this fabric roll-up stationery case would be great to keep coloured pencil collection as well.

Fabric roll-up stationery case
Great as a stationery organizer
You can find what you need in no time

Monday, 25 July 2016

Fabric Water Tumbler Carrier in Style ~ 清新亮丽水壶袋






Friday, 15 July 2016

Spiderman Pencil Pouch ~ 蜘蛛侠笔袋

This is actually long overdue. My boy asked me to make a big pencil case for him. He said the existing one he has is a bit small, not able to put in scissors and glue.

I actually cut out the fabric long ago but then the project was put on hold as there were some other projects to attend to and I thought this can wait...One day, my boy came to me and said why I prioritized other projects over his. I was speechless. It was indeed a fair remark. Yes, there are a lot times we put other people's needs above our loved ones' needs. I will keep that in mind son, thank you for reminding me what matters most. :-)

Spiderman pencil pouch
Everyone needs a pencil case
Spacious enough to carry lots of stuff in it
It's a blessing to be able to serve the one we love

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Scandinavian Prints Small Tote ~ 北欧风托特包

I love the simple, clean yet stylist Scandinavian design. Made two pieces of small tote lately using Scandinavian prints fabric. Simple is beautiful.

Small tote
Cool Owl
Some people said owl symbolizes wisdom
Children of the World
Isn't it adorable 
Top view

Sewing for School Carnival ~ 学校义卖会

My children's school was having a carnival last week. The event was organised to help raise fund for the school to build a school hall. Both my children were very excited about the school carnival.  

Students of higher grades were invited to participate in setting up stalls at the carnival. My daughter and her friends decided to set up a craft stall selling squishy, elastic hair band decorated with hand knitting ribbon and oobleck fun. Seeing them working so hard to prepare for the carnival, I offered to help to sew some items to put at their stall. 

As it was decided quite last minute and I was contemplating on the items to sew, I didn't managed to make too many, only managed to sew 10 pieces of lunch box carrier bags at last. :D  But the girls are happy with it. 

Happy Craft corner
Handmade lunch box carrier bag
Sewed with designs which the children may adore
Vehicles on the road
Little ballerina

Hello Kitty

Colourful dino

Toy Story

Sporting teddy bear

Happy Bunny

Intelligent Thinker Bell
Sweet Princess
Mickey Mouse

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pencil Case ~北欧风笔袋