Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Frozen Mania 冰雪奇緣包包

After being quiet for some time, my sewing machine has finally gone back in action. :)

This time I made a "Frozen" theme bag. I think "Frozen" has become the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time. Don't think there is any girl out there that don't know about the movie. 'An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart', I couldn't agree more with this statement. When we encounter difficult persons in our lives, I do believe that sincerity in our hearts can soften peoples' heart. And I think we should appreciate these people, whom may have made our lives difficult, for training us to become a tougher and better person. 

I made a large tote bag and two drawstring bags with the "Frozen" theme fabric. These bags are going to the ballet centre. Hope the girls would love it!

"Frozen" theme tote bag
The side of the bag is decorated with icy blue ribbon
Lace, ribbon & button
Two large pockets attached in front and at the back of the bag
"Frozen" theme drawstring bag

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Home Sweet Home 温馨小窝

We have finally settled down in our new home sweet home. The packing and unpacking for the house moving was really a nightmare as there were too many things in the house! Didn't realised that we have accumulated so many things in the house over the years and what amazed me the most was how we fit all those things into our little hut, haha..don't ask me. :P

Anyway, this massive spring cleaning (though not in Springtime) exercise was a good chance for us to clear out stuff that we don't need or no longer needed. It was also a good reminder for me to stop and think before I buy thing next time when I'm out shopping :P Most of the time, it's our desire to want to own things than actually need it...

The new home is slightly bigger built-up than the previous one. We are pleased that we now have a big ceiling height bookshelf to solve the long struggle storage for books. Books are no longer on the floor and on the kitchen table :D 

The thing which I'm excited the most is that now I have my own worktop for my craft work! Not only the worktop, I also have a cabinet to keep my craft books, fabrics, papers and all other craft materials and tools. :) On the day I have the worktop set, I made a lunch box bag. Well, actually I have a few long pending projects to work on, but I choose to work on the lunch box bag because my boy has been urging me for one to bring to school. He doesn't like the one that comes with the food container. He said it's difficult to put the container in and out. So I made him a dino lunch box bag.

Hope to start working on the next project soon. Stay tune!

Our lovely little library
Cozy crafting corner
My beloved tool box ~ a gift from fellow ex-colleagues
Thank you
Dino lunch box bag for dino lover
First sewing project at our new nest

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Washi Tape Fun - DIY Calendar 纸胶带乐~制作月历

It has been a busy start to the year 2015. I have been occupied with packing, clearing out stuff and preparing for house moving. Yes, we are so excited! We will be moving to our new home sweet home in about two weeks time. 

That's why I didn't have the time to work on any heavy sewing project lately but just managed to sew a few simple stuff for the house like cushion pillow cases and curtains. 

Though busy with all those house moving preparation, I managed to entertain myself with some simple craft work. :) I made a monthly calendar decorated with washi tape. 

May be I need to explain a little bit about washi tape. Washi tape is actually a type of decorative paper tape, a bit thinner than the usual masking tape and with beautiful prints on it. You can tear them by hand and they are removable, hence it's great for papercraft. High quality ones (i.e. in terms of stickiness) I found so far, are those manufactured in Japan. MT is my favourite washi tape brand, never disappoint me so far. If you are interested to know more about washi tape, read the link here, very detailed discussion on washi tapes. I'm a little crazy over washi tapes. Can't stop myself from checking out the new stock whenever I go to Isetan Department Store or Kinokuniya bookstore. Apart from papercraft, you can use it on almost everything. I have seen in some magazine that people used it to decorate their refrigerator, tables, chairs and even the wall! Creativity has no limits :)

Alright, back to my DIY monthly calendar. My son upon seeing me laying out papers, scissors and my collection of washi tape, asked me what was I doing. I explained to him that I'm going to make a calendar for the new year. He was excited hearing me making a calendar. He wants to make one too. :) So I gave him 12 pieces of craft paper to work with. He drew the boxes for the calendar day and numbered it carefully. He would confirm with me the month and the number of days when he starts a new sheet. I was so amazed by his attention to details. :D He looks so proud of himself upon finishing the calendar and I'm so happy that I gave him the inspiration (though unintentionally) to make/create things.   

Wishing everyone a marvelous 2015!

Here is my DIY monthly calendar
Lovely houses made out of washi tape ~ decoration for the month of January
February & March

April & May
June & July
Choo choo train for the month of August
Colourful cups and beautiful vase for the month of October
Different shapes & colours of leaves for the month of November
Bunting, gifts, xmas socks & tree for the month of December
Part of my collection of washi tape
My son's version of calendar :)
Handwritten calendar day
Decorated with his favourite character

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lovely Ballerina Bag 美丽的芭蕾舞女孩包包

I've finally had time to complete this ballerina bag for the ballet centre, just in time before Christmas break starts. It makes a perfect Christmas gift for ballerinas. :)

A friend of mine brought this charming fabric for me all the way from US. I really have to thank her for taking the trouble. Without her, I wouldn't have the chance to work on such beautiful fabric. Apart from limited selection, the price of US cotton available in the local market is rather steep. I'm lucky to have someone to "import" them for me. :) 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Latest sewing project
The other side of the bag
Beautiful US cotton fabric
Classic wooden button as closure
Little pockets at each side of the bag
Lovely ballerina bag

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Frozen Inspired Princess Elsa Dress 冰雪奇緣 ~ 公主洋装

A couple of months ago, a friend was asking me if I could sew a dress for her little girl's birthday. It's the dress of the most popular Disney Princess (I guess for now), Princess Elsa. Well, I have sewn simple skirts and shorts  for my children, but a dress, I haven't done it before. This friend, has been very supportive and encouraging. She said it doesn't has to be a perfect dress. She is also very sweet, done the search on the web on Elsa dress tutorial and shared it with me. Part of me wasn't very sure about the project, and another part inside me asked me to give it a try. 

I was given quite an ample time to complete the project. The deadline is the little girl's birthday in December. I didn't have the confidence in the beginning and wasn't sure if I can do it, hence didn't start the project after some time and my excuse to myself was there isn't suitable fabric to make the dress yet :p

Then one fine day, I found the fabric, though not the exact colour of Elsa dress, but I thought it would be perfect for the dress. It's the end of roll fabric, so I bought it all, needed the extra just in case I have to try it a few times before getting the piece right :) 

Thanks to the tutorial provided by my friend. I managed to complete the dress in time for the little girl's birthday. I have also used the left over fabric to make another piece for my girl. There isn't enough fabric to make a same length circle skirt, so I made a high low circle skirt for my girl instead. It turned out fine as well. For those who are interested to try, here is the tutorial . Fyi, I did make some modifications to the original pattern.

I'm glad that both girls are really happy with their dresses. Happy birthday to both December baby! Hope this specially custom made dress would add to their sweet memories.

I would like to thank my friend for her idea and encouragement, without it I think I wouldn't have completed the dress. Thanks PY!

Little Princess Elsa - a friend's daughter
Cute little princess
Do you want to build a snowman?
Another happy princess
High low circle skirt
Very happy with her birthday dress
Back of the dress

Friday, 28 November 2014

Baby Bag for New Mummy 妈咪出门的好帮手

Met my friends from my previous workplace some time ago. One friend asked if I could help her with baby gift ideas. She thought of a baby bag. Well, yes sure I had just recently made one for a friend. To save the trouble she asked to just follow the same pattern as the previous one I made and to add a detachable sling handle.

It's a gift for my friend's colleague who has just recently become a mother. The new mother adores cat. That would explain her pick of the fabric :) She is also hoping for a turquoise shade bag. Luckily, I managed to get a few beautiful matching fabrics to go with the cat fabric.

The actual colour of the bag is really vibrant. But the picture didn't turn out so well. It's time to enhance my photography skills or upgrade my camera haha..

Baby bag with detachable sling handle
A tote + an organizer bag
The new mother adores cat
Compartments inside the organizer bag
D ring for the detachable sling handle
My friend requested for the initial of the new mother to be sewn on the bag
Metal zipper closure
PU leather as the base of the bag ~ dirt & water resistance :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Sling Bag for My Mother 母亲的佛堂专用包

母亲说去佛堂拿手提袋很不方便。可是不拿手提袋,东西放在口袋里又不舒服。我缝制了一个斜背包给她, 不大也不小, 可以装放一副眼镜, 钥匙, 手提电话和水瓶。还好母亲很满意。