Monday, 9 September 2013

French Stitch Bookbinding 手作书 2

The craft of hand bookbinding is really amazing. It combines paper, fabric and threads into a piece of art. I fall in love with this craft instantly after attending my very first bookbinding workshop three months ago. It's simply because I can play with paper, fabric and stitching at the same time! Isn't it wonderful!

Since the workshop, I have been binding quite a number of different sizes of books. It makes a perfect gift for friends. :) I was hungry to learn more about bookbinding. So I signed up for another workshop to learn a different style of book stitching. This time, I went with three lovely people, my sister-in law, whom had also joined me in the first workshop, a friend who love to sew and her daughter.

The book binding style that I'm learning this time is called French Stitch. The stitches resembles twisted 'X's. The historical forms of book binding are simply beautiful! 

Looking forward to binding more books!

French stitch book binding

Retro camera charm as bookmark
Front cover
Back cover
Another hand-sewn book done!

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