Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Books Books Books 好多书!

Nothing much get done recently due to flu virus attack and everyone in the house taking turns to falling ill. Health is the most precious thing we have, without it, one can't accomplish much and everything else is meaningless. We have to be grateful for our good health! I think I have to start exercising more regularly!

Progress has been quite slow, but I couldn't ask for more. After a week of struggling, I finally completed 20 books. It's a record, haven't made so many books at a time in my life! I have another 10 books waiting for me to bind...
20 books - mission accomplished!
Haven't seen so many hand binding books!
I just adore the vibrant colours of the stitches
Top: French stitch; bottom three: Kettle stitch
Love having fun with colours
Batik style
Black & White
Vintage designs
Beautiful graphic prints
More retro designs
Hand stamped logo tag
Lin Craft House


  1. All this books for sale?


    1. Hi, yes they are. Ordered by someone.