Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Children Apron 可爱卡通围裙

I have been meaning to make this for a while ~ an apron for my son. I have apron for both my children. Those aprons were bought from store before I'm into sewing. My children would wear them when they are helping out (or rather playing) in the kitchen. My little helpers can do simple tasks like washing the rice & vegetables, cutting vegetable, cooking noodles & oatmeal, cleaning the dishes etc. While it's fun having them in the kitchen, where we chat and discuss on the meal that we are preparing, it's challenging at the same time. Why? The work goes more slowly and less get done than if I would do it alone. Well, patience is the key with little helpers in the kitchen. I constantly remind myself to relax and enjoy the company. 

My son's apron which we bought a few years back is wearing out. So the project for this time is an apron. I have several cartoon prints fabric in my collection, I asked my boy to choose. He picked the "Toy Story" fabric. It's a green background fabric with characters in "Toy Story" movie printed all over. To make the piece more vibrant, I matched it with orange checked fabric. The orange does go nicely with the green.

After I cut out the fabric, only then I realised that the fabric is kind of too thin to fall nicely. So I lined it with a brown checked fabric.

Here it is, a new apron for my son.




儿子之前用着的围裙已经相当的破旧了,是时候帮他换件新的围裙了。挑剔的他就在我的收藏品中选了这个有著名动画片“Toy Story”主角的布料来做他的围裙。


'Toy Story' Kids apron - front view

Checked brown - Back view