Sunday, 24 February 2013

Denim Tote Bag

I always like denim. I like the indigo blue, its durability, versatility and resistance to stains. Denim can also be easily match with other colours and type of fabric and it never goes out of style!

My girl's school bag is rather heavy with all the textbooks, exercise books, activity books and stationery. A friend of mine suggested that I should 'distribute' the loads of the school bag to relief the stress on her shoulder. So I gave my girl a recycle bag to put her exercise books and activity books, leave only the textbooks and stationery in the school bag. It does help to relief the burden on her shoulder to a certain extent. However, the recycle bag is made of very thin material. The bottom of the bag started to tear after a few weeks of use. Then I thought may be I should made her a bag using a more durable material - denim. 

Here it is, a denim tote bag lined with sky blue polka dot fabric and a pocket in front. I made it slightly bigger to fit the art block paper. I suppose this bag should last her for many years to come :)  

Denim tote bag - front view
Back view
A pocket with lace & sweet strawberry embroidery patch


  1. Your pictures show your creativity and your great ideas. So, thanks for sharing it, with us.

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  2. Thanks for dropping by. Glad that you like my little creations.