Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Both my son and my nephew love Mickey Mouse. They are both born in the year of Rat. Not sure if that is why their loves towards Mickey. :) 

I went for fabric shopping with my sister-in law the other day and I came across a Mickey Mouse print fabric.When I show it to my nephew, he was beaming with joy. I know I have to get it. The boys sure will like it. Not sure what to make for the boys yet at that time though. Then, a few weeks after that, I saw a children drawstring backpack picture in a Japanese craft magazine. Yes, this is it, I'm going to sew a drawstring backpack for the boys. There is no pattern included in the magazine, so I have to draw my own pattern. First, I took the measurement of my boy's upper body. I used it to determine the size of the backpack. Since the fabric background colour is red, I chose black as the matching colour for the backpack. The only problem is the string. I initially plan to use black colour cotton or nylon string. I've searched a few shops but couldn't find the right size/thickness of string that I wanted. If there is, they don't have black colour. :( A lady at the  last shop I stopped by recommended me to use mustard yellow instead. Oh yes, the mustard yellow actually matches red and bring out the colour of the backpack even better than black! Thanks to the lady, I have a perfect matching string with the backpack. :)

The boys can use it to keep their ang pow this Chinese New Year!

Front and back view of the backpack
Perfect match of the mustard yellow string with the red Mickey fabric
Polka dot for the inner lining of the backpack
Check out the Mickey Mouse button!
Cute Mickey Mouse drawstring backpack


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