Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fabric Dining Table Mats 幸福餐垫

Our dining table is the central of our family. It is the place where we spend most of our time together everyday, share and talk about our days. When relatives or friends dropped by for a visit, it is the dinning table that we all gathered around at and chitchat. It is also my favourite piece of furniture where I prepare my bread dough and sew (my house is rather petite, not luxurious enough for a sewing room ^_^).

Since it is the heart of our family, I try to make it as pleasant as possible (it can be challenging when you have small children in the house haha..). I like how some restaurants decorate their dining tables, so pleasing that it makes the dining so much more enjoyable. I tried to replicate this (as far as possible) at our own dining area. Still working hard on it :) Recently, I dressed up our dining area with new fabric dining table mats to add style to our dining. Dining table mats not only enhanced the appealing of dining area, they also make eating and wrapping up after eating neat and tidy.

Coming up next is coasters ..





I made two different designs
This one is black & white checked with Eiffel Tower print fabric
This one is brown & white checked with vintage postcard print fabric
I made two pieces for each design - Black series
Brown series

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