Sunday, 30 June 2013

Clay-tivity Part 2 - 可爱小女生相框系列 2

This is the second piece of work that created using both clay and fabric.The theme this time is 'Lady at Bakery'. 

I love the red checked fabric. I used to have that type of Scottish-like skirt when I was a teenage :) I also love the brown paper bag. We usually only get our bread packed in a brown paper bag at a more prestige bakery. It some how makes the breads taste a lot nicer :p That's the power of packaging. The normal bakery here usually wrapped the bread with plastic bag. 

Speaking of bread, I recently discovered an artisan bakery. It has a very interesting name called "The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan Bakery Cafe". They make/sell rustic looking European breads, which is my favourite! There is a lovely cafe behind the bakery where you can enjoy your afternoon tea. For European breads lover, click the link above to find out more. 

Opps sorry, gone off on a tangent away..back to my clay project. It has been a while since I last created the first piece using both clay and fabric. Actually, I have made the parts and pieces a while ago, and today I finally put everything in place. Presenting to you - Lady at Bakery!

New creation: Lady at Bakery
Lovely Scottish-like skirt with bright yellow top
Rusty looking breads

What is your favourite bread?


  1. nice!I like it.
    This photo frame is a birthday gift??

    1. Thanks Pauline!
      No, just made for fun, it's my personal collection. You are a pro in this craft too. If you like it, I can make one for your upcoming birthday! :)